Manager of Engagement and Operations, Project Drawdown

Crystal Chissell is Manager of Engagement and Operations at Project Drawdown, and manages the Drawdown Coalition, Fellowship and Volunteer Programs. Crystal is an attorney, environmentalist, and business consultant. She has advised or contributed her administrative skills to a range of organizations, including small businesses, the City of Baltimore, the Maryland Environmental Service, the Town of Highland Beach, Maryland, and the University of San Francisco. She holds a J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law, an M.S. in Environmental Science from Johns Hopkins University, an M.B.A. from the University of San Francisco, and a B.A. in Journalism from Howard University.


Founder, EcoBlend Therapies

Amy is an award-winning, holistic skin therapist, speaker and product development specialist in the natural beauty industry. As owner of EcoBlend Therapies, she is dedicated to a Deeper Beauty Conversation, connecting each client’s unique body wellness, nutrition, lifestyle, stress and energy levels to the health of the skin. Utilizing this information, she custom blends nutritionally-dense topical treatments for each client to feed the skin’s ability to re-engage and optimize without fillers, toxins, or petrochemicals.

Formerly the President and co-formulator for ACURE, Amy has once again partnered with the brand as ambassador to continue education and outreach on the importance of clean, effective skin and body care for our health and future.


Community Design for Social Impact, OpenIDEO

Lauren is a community designer and storyteller, and photographer for social impact with OpenIDEO, IDEO’s open innovation portfolio. When designing communities for global movements, Lauren draws on her experience in online and offline community building for grassroots organizations in the maternal health, indigenous rights, and malnutrition spaces from Guatemala to Uganda. Lauren mentors OpenIDEO’s global community of nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and designers through the design thinking process, while equipping innovators with the resources to take concepts from ideas to impact. Her projects with OpenIDEO span topics including reimaging maternal health, plastics in our oceans, and gratitude in the workplace.


Messaging Strategist and Copywriter,

Amy is a messaging strategist and copywriter for values-forward companies and organizations. Trained as a litigator, she finds much more satisfaction writing for changemakers than the courtroom. In her free time, Amy travels to far-flung mountains and makes her home on a Sausalito houseboat.


Nonprofit Outreach Manager, Klean Kanteen

Caroleigh manages the nonprofit partnerships and product donations at Klean Kanteen in Chico, Ca. Klean Kanteen is a family owned, solution based company creating simply made products that provide safe and healthy alternatives to plastic and disposable bottles and food containers. Klean believes strongly in supporting nonprofit organizations that focus on education, advocacy and policy around Plastic Pollution, Safe Consumer Products, Land and Water Conservation and Environmental Stewardship. Our Mission Statement…At Klean, we deliver simple solutions that inspire healthy choices and create benefit for people and the places we live and play.


Founder, EcoWatch

Stefanie has been publishing environmental news for nearly 30 years. Her life’s work has been focused on amplifying and uniting the voice of the grassroots movement while mobilizing millions to engage on the most important issues impacting people and planet. She founded EcoWatch in 2006 to publish a newspaper that educated people on the most important environmental news. In 2011, Stefanie and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. co-founded EcoWatch’s website, which has grown to become one of the nation’s top environmental news sites. When Stefanie is not in front of her computer, she is likely to be found on the water paddleboarding her beloved Lake Erie.


National Campaigns Manager, Women's Voices for the Earth

Sarada Tangirala is the National Campaigns Manager at Women’s Voices for the Earth, where she leads corporate campaigns aimed at eliminating toxic chemicals from products that impact women’s health and our communities. Before joining WVE, she led market-based change efforts at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Her social justice history also includes coordinating Project Underground’s Chevron Nigeria campaign and conducting strategic corporate research for environmental justice campaigns at the DataCenter. She holds a Masters in Public Policy from Oregon State University, and a BA in Sociology from UC Davis.


PGC 2016 Finalist/President Student Advisory Board, Junior, University of Florida

Hannah is a third year student studying Accounting at the University of Florida. After graduation, Hannah hopes to work for a company that holds a strong passion for sustainability and gives back to our planet and its people. She was a Project Green Challenge 2016 Finalist and is the President of Turning Green’s Student Advisory Board. She credits her passion for sustainability to Project Green Challenge, and loves working with Turning Green because she believes strongly in their mission to help save our environment through students. Some of her favorite things include dogs, yoga, and fair trade coffee.


PGC 2013 Champion and Illustrator & Motion Graphics Artist,

Madeleine is an illustrator and motion graphics artist currently based in the Bay Area. Her rural upbringing in Massachusetts fostered an insatiable call to answer the question, “What impact do I have here?” Madeleine won Project Green Challenge in 2013 and credits Turning Green for inspiring her mission to explore environmental issues through illustration and narrative motion. Madeleine has worked for Brooklyn-based artist Lesley Dill and in the graphic design department at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum in Saratoga Springs, New York. She has been an artist-in-residence at the Center at Eagle Hill in Hardwick, Massachusetts; a fellow at the Sitka Fellows Program in Sitka, Alaska; and is a current resident at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California, where she is working on an animation that examines the process of butchery in an imagined food system.