As you become informed, inspired and mobilized during October, PGC offers numerous opportunities to win great eco prizes to propel your world-changing journey!


Each day, up to 10 Greener and 10 Greenest outstanding submissions will be selected as “daily winners” and receive a themed package with organic, eco, fair trade, natural and zero waste prizes shipped to your door.

PGC Finalists

Up to 14 PGC finalists will win a free trip to San Francisco, California for the once-in-a-lifetime 4-day eco summit and a PGC Deluxe Lifestyle Package with a selection of prizes from Turning Green partners, plus a chance at being named the PGC Champion.


The PGC Champion will receive the Grand Prize, which includes:

  • $5,000 PGC Acure Green Award (subject to completion of Climate Action Project) 
  • $250 Klean Kanteen Gift Card

“Even though winning prizes wasn’t our initial objective, it turned out to be a great motivator and helped when we needed that little extra push to encourage us to put in our best efforts every day. We have a passion for environmentalism, and this only strengthened it.”