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Project Green Challenge 2021


Starting on October 1, Project Green Challenge (PGC) will inform, inspire and mobilize high school, college, and graduate school students worldwide. This powerful and diverse call to action features 30 days of environmentally–themed challenges to touch lives, shift mindsets, and equip students with knowledge, resources and mentorship to lead the change on campuses and in communities.

Through conscious living, informed consumption, and individual and collective action, PGC participants are challenged to envision and work toward the healthy, just, and resilient future they want to thrive in.

Since launching in 2011, PGC has built a movement of young leaders, engaging 145,032 students directly and tens of millions indirectly on 9,700+ campuses, in 50 states and 188 countries.

Each day during the month of October, a uniquely themed challenge will be delivered to registered PGC participants by email at 6 am Pacific Time. Each challenge will be live for 24 hours inviting participants to complete actions and upload deliverables, acquire points and change their world.

Deliverables include photos, videos, creative projects and text uploaded to the PGC site, as well as across TG social platforms. Thoughtfully curated, theme related prize packages will be awarded daily for outstanding submissions.

At the end of the 30 days, up to 16 PGC Finalists will be selected to join Turning Green for a four-day eco summit November 18 – 22, 2021. This in-person event will take place in San Francisco. Each finalist will have a chance at winning a $5,000 Green Award based on completing a Climate Action Project that they will develop.

Turning Green (TG) is a student led global movement devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially just choices for individuals, schools, and communities. We operate under the belief that when students understand that they can directly affect small and large scale change, they are motivated to carry this sense of responsibility, purpose and stewardship throughout their lives.

We inform
We work with young people with a passion to change the world. We speak our minds, and value ethics. We stand for environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices, practices and communities. We assess our surroundings and investigate the impacts of what we do and think. And then we share solutions.

We empower
We believe that a conscious mindset and thoughtful perspective are critical in today’s society. We remain aware of the effects of our actions on the earth and those around us. We choose wisely and lead with purpose and passion. We empower peers to grow our global voice because together we thrive.

We mobilize
We see individuals as catalysts for the change that our world needs now, at every level. We learn from innovation and living in the moment. We push for transparency, challenge injustice, and shake up systems that oppress, poison, or fail. No is not an option. Inspiration is everything.

We dream and do.

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