Possibly the most inspiring and mobilizing four day summit of its kind, The PGC Finals will empower you and move you to action with purpose and passion. The summit will introduce you to an esteemed group of eco leaders and lifelong friends from all over the world.


PGC Class of 2018 Row 1 (L-R) Brooke Crouch, Dylan Simpson, Emma Melis, Hansel Carter IV, Jasmine Bylander

Row 2 (L-R) Lara Breithaupt, Morgan Bliss, Sienna Lippert, Sophia Ludtke, Sunny Bitner

Row 3 (L-R) Team Green Girls, Team Holoceon, Team Nature Nerds

Please meet our PGC Class of 2018, selected from a global pool of 6,000 participants representing 740 campuses in 49 states and 56 countries. Thirteen extraordinary young leaders who excelled throughout the 30-day challenge will join Turning Green in San Francisco from Nov 15-18 to compete for the title of PGC 2018 Champion and the PGC Grand Prize package. Finalists were selected based on points accrued, depth and breadth of engagement, number of challenge wins, quality of work, and a final exam and video recap of their PGC journey.

The Finals bring together like-minded peers with esteemed eco leaders to learn from one another across a multitude of topics, build in-depth social action platforms to enable ongoing change on campuses, and provide an opportunity for students to share their experiences, learnings, best practices and ideas.

On the last day of the PGC Finals, each finalist will present their PGC experience to an audience and a panel of esteemed judges. One finalist will be named PGC 2018 Champion and win a Grand Prize package valued at $10,000, and the opportunity to hold a leadership position with the Turning Green Student Advisory Board.

PGC works to empower student leaders while supporting them in their efforts to achieve tangible and impactful change. Our goal is that they each student leader returns to their campus informed, inspired and mobilized, eager to lead the change they wish to see in the world.

The PGC participants form a diverse collective of students from hundreds of schools around the world including India, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Belgium, China, Italy, South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Rwanda, Germany, Uruguay and many more. They all completed rigorous daily challenges on wide-ranging sustainability-related themes, demonstrating and acting upon a common passion for cultivating a healthy, just, thriving planet.

“PGC gave us the opportunity to participate in an arena where the political boundaries, cultural differences and racial distinctions played no role, but all were competing and learning in the process which aimed at the growth, development and reinvigoration of nature. If thousands contributed directly to restore nature through the journey of PGC and million others contributed indirectly for the respective cause by being a part of the participant’s journey, the precarious situation can soon be put to an end and a new Dawn can be brought about.” – Team Holocoen, Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, India and PGC Finalist 2018

The challenges require participants to learn, research and write, as well as create visuals, film videos and take tangible action to engage physically, mentally, emotionally, communally — writing to elected officials, cooking FLOSN (fresh, local, organic, seasonal and non-GMO) meals, calculating and radically decreasing water and carbon footprints, transforming personal care and cleaning routines, launching petitions for social change, getting out the VOTE, meeting with school administrations toward better practices, and much much more.

“Smallest actions, smallest words, smallest voices can have the biggest impacts of all. You don’t have to view yourself as a leader to be one! You can just be one. In fact, you already are.” ~ Hansel Carter, Champlain Eco Queens and PGC Finalist 2018