Aradhya Seth

Graduate Student, University of Illinois and PGC 2018 Finalist,

Aradhya Seth is a first-year grad student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying the field of information management and data analytics. He was the Project Green Challenge runner up in the year 2018 and subsequently a PGC Ambassador in 2020. He is grateful for Turning Green in many ways, as it has helped me become a more conscious and confident individual. He loves writing lifestyle blogs and is glad to be back as an Ambassador this year.

Brooke Crouch

Fourth Year, University of Virginia, PGC 2018 Finalist and Turning Green Project Coordinator, Charlottesville, VA

Brooke is a fourth year at the University of Virginia studying Global Environments + Sustainability and Environmental Science. She was a 2018 PGC Finalist, and has worked with TG in many capacities, most recently as the summer Intern Program Coordinator. Her passion for the environment began at a young age, spending every summer camping, hiking, and backpacking in National Parks across the country with her family. After she graduates, she wants to work in the environmental nonprofit sector, with a special focus on sustainable, equitable food systems. She is passionate about living a low waste, plant based lifestyle, and loves talking to her friends and family about ways to lower their footprint and live a lower impact lifestyle. In her free time, Brooke enjoys camping and backpacking, vegan baking, reading, and yoga.

Caralee Ellis

Senior at the University of California, Berkeley,

Caralee is a Senior at the University of California, Berkeley where she is studying Society and Environment with a minor in Food Systems. Since the beginning of her academic career, she has had a strong passion for sustainability that drove her to lead various student organizations advocating for environmental and social justice. She believes in leading by example and tries to live as sustainably as possible while inspiring others to do the same. Caralee is currently an intern with Conscious Kitchen and hopes to continue working in the field of sustainability in any way she can make meaningful change upon her graduation. Outside of academics, she loves vegan cooking, picnics, hiking, and rock climbing.

Elise Gard

Senior, University of Kansas and PGC 2020 Finalist, University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

Elise is a senior at the University of Kansas majoring in Environmental Studies. She is really passionate about the environment, working with school and local garden projects for eight plus years, as well as at Monarch Watch, which promotes the preservation of pollinators throughout the United States. In her free time, she loves cooking, making art, admiring her house plants, and running a small earring business. Elise was a Project Green Challenge 2020 Finalist and now looks for ways to do everything more sustainably. She doesn’t want to stop learning or making change in her community and seeks to craft a career around environmental justice and working toward a safe, sustainable future.

Ella Fesler

Third Year, University of Virginia and Conscious Kitchen Intern,

Ella is a third year at the University of Virginia, majoring in Global Environments and Sustainability with a minor in public policy. Sustainability sparked Ella’s interest in high school, thanks to one of her teachers and her participation in Project Green Challenge 2017, where she was a finalist. In particular, Ella is interested in food justice and the development of sustainable food systems. In her free time, Ella can be found journaling or cooking a good soup.

Emeline Myung

Freshman, University of California, Berkeley and PGC 2019 Finalist,

Emeline Myung is a first year at UC Berkeley, studying Society and the Environment and minoring in food systems. She is a lover of all sciences, and most importantly, a lover of the planet and all the systems and organisms that thrive because of it, and on it. After witnessing first-hand the massive scale of plastic pollution and degradation of her treasured childhood beaches in her motherland Indonesia, she embarked on a journey of climate action. As a result, she found herself mobilized first as a Project Green Challenge 2019 finalist, and still continues to foster her inspiration with Turning Green, now as a returning ambassador.

Ethan Bledsoe

West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School Student, PGC 2020 Third Place Finalist,

Ethan is the Executive Director of Confront the Climate Crisis, the PGC 2020 Third Place Finalist and a West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School Student. Through multiple organizing efforts, Ethan Bledsoe is galvanizing residents in his hometown and young people across the state to push for meaningful climate action in Indiana. In West Lafayette, Bledsoe co-founded the youth-led West Lafayette Climate Strike, which planned multiple local climate strikes and worked with city officials to pass a climate resolution in 2019. Later, Bledsoe co-authored an amendment to the resolution to establish a 2038 carbon neutrality goal for the city and contributed to West Lafayette’s climate emergency declaration adopted in February 2021. To increase climate literacy in his community, Bledsoe developed a STEM-based, climate resilience campaign called Climate Kidz. The campaign engages local youth on resilience and sustainability through hands-on projects that span vertical gardening, composting, native plants, and little free libraries. Through West Lafayette Climate Strike, Bledsoe helped launch a statewide network for student climate activists in September 2020 called Confront the Climate Crisis through which he is drafting statewide legislation for the 2022 session. He is an active member of the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter.

Gabriela Nahm

Sophomore, Davidson College, Turning Green Intern and Project Green Course TA,

Gabriela is a sophomore at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. She is an Environmental studies major on the humanities track with a minor in communications. She has always had a strong love for the environment through years of hiking on the nearby Appalachian trail and other outdoor adventures, but she found her passion for Environmental Justice after watching There’s Something in the Water in her first environmental studies college course. She is the Vice President for Davidson’s Sustainability Collective and active in the Davidson chapter of the Sunrise Movement. Her passion for environmental justice and equitable sustainability has only grown with her experience as a summer intern for Turning Green and TA for the Project Green Course. In her free time, she loves long walks, reading, plant-based baking, and having dance parties in her dorm room.

Grace Leary

Third Year, University of California, Los Angeles, Turning Green Intern and PGCourse TA,

Grace is a junior at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she is studying History and Political Science. She is passionate about youth activism and has been involved in sustainability efforts and activism on her campus. She has been a part of the Turning Green family since May when she started as a summer intern, and then in August, she became a Teaching Assistant for Project Green Course, where she has gotten to work with some of the most incredible students in the world. She loves being a part of Turning Green, and can’t wait to see how the journey continues! In her free time, Grace loves to cook plant-based food, hike, and swim, and she is learning how to surf.


Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Digital Marketing Professional,

Hansel Carter is a New York City born screenwriter, filmmaker, and digital marketing professional. Working in college departments of international education, residential life, student government, and sustainability over the four years of his education, Hansel sought out the most environmentally-friendly options when it came to project planning for campus-wide events. He became a PGC Finalist with Turning Green in 2018 and graduated with a degree in filmmaking from Champlain College in 2020. His passion for the environment began in his middle school years living in India, analyzing the effects of water pollution in the Yamuna River. PGC honed his focus on fast-fashion and wildlife preservation. He plans to incorporate themes of climate change and biodiversity in future screenplays. Hansel spends his time on film sets, exploring natural wonders, and planning the perfect audition tape for Survivor.

Ilana Zeitzer

PhD Student, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and PGC 2017 Runner-U,

Ilana is a PhD student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, studying ecology. She was the second place winner for the Project Green Challenge in 2017. Her passion for sustainability and conservation is taking her to a future in ecology conservation research with specific interests in plants, fungi and soils. She graduated from Dickinson College in 2019 with honors in Biology and a minor in art. She will receive her masters from SUNY ESF in December 2021.

Josie Sparks

Freshman, Indiana University, PGC 2019 Third Place Finalist and Turning Green Intern,

Josie is a freshman at Indiana University majoring in Sustainability Studies. She grew up in southern Indiana going to sailing camp and Environmental Explorers camp which fostered her love for the environment. She became involved with Turning Green through Project Green Challenge in 2019, where she became a finalist and was awarded co-third place, and returned as a 2020 and now 2021 Ambassador and Turning Green Intern. As a result of Project Green Challenge as her Climate Action Project, Josie founded a nonprofit, Yellowwood Youth, which works to provide guidance, opportunities, and inspiration to youth in Indiana regarding their role in solving environmental issues and the climate crisis. She is involved with Students Advocating for a Greener Environment (SAGE) and part of the Youth Climate Accord in Indiana. She has played viola for 8 years, enjoys writing of all kinds, and enjoys teaching those younger than herself.

Kat Nguyen

Freshman, University of California, Berkeley, and PGC 2020 Finalist,

Kat Nguyen is a first-year at UC Berkeley studying Data Science and Geospatial Information Science & Technology. She became involved with Turning Green in 2020 as a PGC Finalist, where she completed a climate action project focused on cafeteria sustainability, hydroponics, composting, gardening, and a circular economy. She continued her involvement with Turning Green in 2021 as a summer Intern, a Campus Rep, and a PGC Challenge Reader—and now as an Ambassador! During her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, going on long hikes, picnics, and doodling in her bullet journal.

Kenna Clawson

Fourth Year, University of California, Berkeley, and Conscious Kitchen Intern,

Kenna is in her fourth and final year at UC Berkeley studying Nutritional Science. After learning about the substantial amount of food waste in America and taking a class about the food practices across many different cultures, she was inspired to get involved in changing the food system in America. This is what led her to the Conscious Kitchen and she has thoroughly enjoyed working on this team – being inspired daily, seeing real change happen, and everything revolves around a more equitable, sustainable, and FLOSN food future. Kenna has been moved by Turning Green peers, leaders, and supporters alike, all with the vision of a bright future and taking action to get there.

Lena Karam

Senior, University of Oregon, and Conscious Kitchen intern,

As a senior at the University of Oregon, Lena has always known that her passions around environmental justice would be the biggest influence in her life. From Portland, Oregon, Lena has spent all her time nurturing her passion, whether it be hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, exploring in her backyard, or taking trips exploring the pacific northwest she always had to be outside in some capacity and this led to her constantly growing love and wonder of nature and the environment. As an Environmental Studies major, Lena uses her passion in hopes to begin her lifelong career of fighting against the injustices of environmental racism. Lena dreams of a world filled with unified communities who work together to not only protect the environment, but who love and feel compassion for it as well.

Lucy Yoshioka

Senior, University of California, Los Angeles and Conscious Kitchen Intern,

Lucy Yoshioka is a Conscious Kitchen intern and a senior at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently studying geography and environmental studies, with minors in GIS and urban and regional studies. As a southern California native who has lived in city environments my whole life, she is interested in finding ways to incorporate green infrastructure and sustainable urban planning into our built environments, while addressing social justice issues. She is deeply passionate about using my privilege and skill sets gained through my education to help others in ways both large and small. She also loves to stay active and spend time exercising or exploring outdoors. She is now a four year member of the UCLA DragonBoat team and loves to paddle in Long Beach on the weekends for training with her teammates. Paddling through the gorgeous marine environments in California has strengthened her commitment to creating a clean future for others, and her team has shared that same vision by hosting beach clean-ups in the past. In her free time, she can be found at the gym, reading, writing poetry, drawing in her bullet journal, or visiting a local farmer’s market.


Illustrator and Art Director,

Madeleine Welsch (she/her) is a Bay Area-based illustrator and art director. Madeleine’s illustration practice includes clients like The Washington Post, Spotify, Anchor, Gimlet Media, and Resy. Currently, Madeleine can be found directing animated educational content at Flocabulary & Nearpod. Madeleine has been an artist-in-residence at The Center at Eagle Hill in Hardwick, Massachusetts, The Sitka Fellows Program in Sitka, Alaska, and the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California. She is excited to welcome the next class of PGC to the Turning Green family, which she has been a part of since 2013.


Chief Sustainability Officer at Sapien Network, Graduate of University of California, Berkeley and PGC 2015 Champion,

Missy Martin is the Chief Sustainability Officer for Sapien Network. Previously, she worked at a new circular economy platform, Loop, as VP of Member Development for the Bay Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network, and on the global growth and onboarding team at Tesla. In her free time, she volunteers working on climate justice issues with the Austin chapter of Climate Reality and also enjoys supporting her local food community. She graduated from UC Berkeley with highest distinction where she studied Society and Environment with a concentration in US Environmental Policy and Management. Missy is a long-time Turning Green supporter. She won PGC in 2015, interned for two years, and worked for a year as the organization’s Director of Happiness.


Freshman, University of Connecticut, PGC Finalist 2018, and Turning Green Project Coordinator,

Sophie is currently a first-year at Connecticut College planning to major in biology and Hispanic studies. She first got involved with Turning Green in 2018 when she was a PGC finalist, and ever since has stayed connected with the Turning Green family as an ambassador and an intern. The TG community really inspired her to take action in her community and in college, where she hopes to continue her sustainability education and get involved in the campus’ green initiatives. In her free time, Sophie loves to do anything outside, bake, and spend time with her friends and family.

Timothy Chen

Sophomore, University of California, Davis and Turning Green Intern,

Tim is a sophomore studying at UC Davis, majoring in Environmental Science and Management with an emphasis on ecology, biodiversity, and conservation. Seeing how the world around him is drastically changing as a result of human activities, Tim is passionate in helping himself and others understand climate change and how it is affecting both the environment and us. He has a strong interest in environmental research, hoping to one day use his skills and knowledge to protect natural habitats and the abundance of wildlife they support. Tim is a strong advocate for trying out new things and thinking outside the box, and in his free time he enjoys fitness, gaming, and outdoor trips.


Sustainability Analyst at Cisco, Graduate of Rice University, and PGC 2017 Finalist,

Travis graduated from Rice University and works as a Sustainability Analyst on the Circular Economy team at Cisco. During the day, he helps design products to be more easily reused, repaired, and recycled. Also during the day, he’s an avid cyclist and regular volunteer at various food rescue non-profits. At night he sleeps, but not very much. “Turning Green helped me understand the interconnectedness of all environmental issues–from food waste to soil health to material use to climate change–that informs the way I spend all my waking hours.”