PGC Finalist 2015,

Claire August is a environmental and renewable energy advocate currently serving as the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association. Before graduating from the George Washington University in May of 2017 with a BA in International Affairs, Claire studied sustainability, development, and geography in Washington, DC and Copenhagen, Denmark. She lead the student environmental group, Green GW, in its involvement with Turning Green, and attended the Project Green Challenge finals as a student finalist in 2015. Claire enjoys giving back through community service and serving as a mentor, so she is happy to be back at the Project Green Challenge finals. She resides in Washington, DC and her interests include biking, perusing farmers markets, and vegan baking.


Junior, University of California, Davis

Passionate about environmental justice, responsibility, and science, Alice cultivates her enthusiasm at the University of California, Davis as Environmental Science and Management major with a focus in Ecology, Conservation, and Biodiversity and double minor in Geographic Information Systems and Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. When she is not covered in mud from harvesting veggies at the UCD Student Farm, you can find Alice organizing student voices for UC Fossil Fuel Divestment; drafting environmental policy and teaching on environmental sustainability as Chair with the UC Davis student government (ASUCD) Environmental Policy and Planning Commission; analyzing water samples for the UC Davis Arboretum waterway restoration project; or geeking out about one of her ecology classes. Alice’s academic passion lies in the intersection of behavioral ecology and conservation science. Her love for the environment and water also takes Alice onto the Sacramento River each morning where she is the head varsity coxswain for the UCD Women’s Rowing Team. As a PGC 2013 finalist and previous Turning Green Student Advisory Board member and intern, Alice looks forward to learning from PGC 2017’s change-makers-of-today. The world needs more passionate people doing what they love with conviction and determination!


Drake University, Des Moines, IA

Erin is a junior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign studying Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a concentration in Human Dimensions of the Environment. Erin was a 2016 Project Green Challenge Finalist, which she credits for sparking her voice and passion for environmental activism. Erin has worked with human rights issues since she was in high school, and has experience leading fellow teens to be affective and inspired leaders. Erin hopes to use her education to work in the non-profit sector and to be a grassroots organizer for environmental education and activism. When Erin isn’t working on environmental issues, she’s probably off spending most of her money on Fair Trade Chocolate, fall candles, and tacos!


PGC 2015 Runner-Up, Graduate, UMASS Amherst

Marina is a recent graduate from UMASS Amherst who double majored in Communications: Media & Popular Culture Studies and the Arabic Language, and minored in Film Studies. She defines herself as an Eco Goddess, a passionate eco-lifestyle thought leader, a zero waste vegan, a dreamer and doer, a visual storyteller, and an activist-musician. After her life-changing experience at the young age of ten visiting her father’s home country Pakistan, where she was exposed to environmental degradation at an alarming rate and extreme poverty, she set out to dedicate her life towards building a more conscious, sustainable world.
Her fast-growing following of over 10,000 consists of conscious-lifestyle seekers from around the world. Marina spreads her love for Mother Earth through many vehicles, including her website, which features her new eBook as well as resources for the zero-waste vegan lifestyle; her nonprofit music project Ecostrings; and her most recent launch of her YouTube channel, which features zero-waste tips, vegan recipes, DIY eco-friendly projects, and much more!


PGC 2016 Finalist/President Student Advisory Board, Junior, University of Florida

Hannah is a third year student studying Accounting at the University of Florida. After graduation, Hannah hopes to work for a company that holds a strong passion for sustainability and gives back to our planet and its people. She was a Project Green Challenge 2016 Finalist and is the President of Turning Green’s Student Advisory Board. She credits her passion for sustainability to Project Green Challenge, and loves working with Turning Green because she believes strongly in their mission to help save our environment through students. Some of her favorite things include dogs, yoga, and fair trade coffee.


PGC 2013 Champion and Illustrator & Motion Graphics Artist,

Madeleine is an illustrator and motion graphics artist currently based in the Bay Area. Her rural upbringing in Massachusetts fostered an insatiable call to answer the question, “What impact do I have here?” Madeleine won Project Green Challenge in 2013 and credits Turning Green for inspiring her mission to explore environmental issues through illustration and narrative motion. Madeleine has worked for Brooklyn-based artist Lesley Dill and in the graphic design department at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum in Saratoga Springs, New York. She has been an artist-in-residence at the Center at Eagle Hill in Hardwick, Massachusetts; a fellow at the Sitka Fellows Program in Sitka, Alaska; and is a current resident at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California, where she is working on an animation that examines the process of butchery in an imagined food system.


PGC 2016 Participant, Sophomore, University of Virginia

Jamie is pursuing a degree in Global Studies: Environment and Sustainability and Public Policy. After graduating, she hopes to develop a career in environmental policy or work for a sustainable business while continuing to inform others how to develop environmentally friendly habits. She was a Project Green Challenge participant in 2016 and an intern with Turning Green over the summer. She loves working with Turning Green because the team shares her passion for promoting a more sustainable planet. When she is not studying or working, she often is rock climbing, hiking, or exploring a farmer’s market.


PGC 2011 Finalist, Austin, TX

Jessa first joined the Turning Green team in 2011 after competing in the first Project Green Challenge, during which she was selected to be part of the Top 14. Since then she has graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Geography and Sustainability, where she worked as the Student Communication Director of the Office of Sustainability. Currently, she helps run Juice Society, an organic juice bar in Austin, TX that aims to cultivate a community of inclusion and approachable wellness. In her free time she enjoys planning her next trip around the world, playing in the kitchen, and exploring Austin’s many mini-hiking trails.


PGC 2015 Finalist, Senior, Skidmore College

Tracey is a senior at Skidmore College, majoring in Environmental Studies. She became involved with Turning Green two years ago as a PGC 2015 Finalist. PGC helped her discover her passion for mobilizing to save the planet and gave her concrete ideas about how she can make a difference on Skidmore’s campus. She is especially interested in sustainable agriculture and its potential to mitigate climate change. She believes strongly that everyone deserves access to healthy, sustainably grown food that does not harm the environment or anyone involved in its production and processing.