PGC 2017 Finalist, Freshman, UC Berkeley

Isaac Aguilar is a first year student at the University of California at Berkeley studying Ecosystem Management and Forestry. As a PGC 2017 finalist, Isaac discovered his passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship. In the future, Isaac hopes to be working for the National Park Service to promote stewardship and conserve the world’s natural wonders. On campus, Isaac enjoys sings in an all-male a cappella choir. Aside from music, he enjoys being outdoors, photography, and hanging out with his friends.


PGC 2013 Finalist, Senior, University of California, Davis

Alice Beittel is a senior at the University of California, Davis majoring in Environmental Science and Management with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. When she is not covered in muddy water from collecting data on Californian meadows, streams, and fish, you can find Alice working as a data science and GIS undergraduate researcher at the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences. Turning Green mobilized Alice to understand the details behind ecosystem resilience and learn how to couple science and community need to pinpoint solutions that lower our impact on the Earth. Since becoming a PGC 2013 finalist and serving as a Turning Green Student Advisory Board member and intern, Alice’s has taken her PGC-inspired passion all over the world. Some of her current and past projects include studying how animal behavior can be the first line of defense in the face of climate change; how fishing pressures increase resource competition between herbivorous fishes and sea urchins in Pacific coral reefs of Costa Rica; and how fish boldness and exploratory behavior may be useful in foraging strategies and navigating dam passage devices in northern Mongolia. Environmental management provides the perfect platform for Alice to combine her love for field research, coding, data, and animals. Alice hopes to empower her UC Davis community to find ways to make sustainability routine through collaborative environmental policy and environmental education as the UC Davis Environmental Policy and Planning Commission chair and UC Davis Fair Trade Campaign organizer. In her spare time, Alice loves to hike, cook, hang out with dogs (and people), garden, look at cool insects, and talk about how amazing nature is.


PGC 2016 Finalist, Senior, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Erin is a senior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, studying Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a concentration in Human Dimensions of the Environment. Erin was a 2016 Project Green Challenge Finalist, which she credits for sparking her voice and passion for environmental activism. Erin has worked with human rights issues since she was in high school, and has experience leading fellow teens to be affective and inspired leaders. Erin hopes to use her education to work in the non-profit sector and to be a grassroots organizer for environmental education and activism. When Erin isn’t working on environmental issues, she’s probably off spending most of her money on Fair Trade Chocolate, fall candles, and tacos!


Turning Green Intern, Junior, Michigan State University

Hannah is a junior at Michigan State University. She is majoring in Professional Writing with a focus in Environmental Sustainability, and Writing for Communities and Cultures. In high school, Hannah become informed about sustainability after taking a course focused on food systems and organic agriculture. She has since taken part in Sustainable campus clubs and organizations to help engage and inform other students. She was inspired by the work that Turning Green has has done and is excited to take part in helping to mobilize and educate student in the future. In her free time, Hannah is passionate about art, music, and traveling.


PGC 2017 Finalist, Sustainability Specialist, Cisco

Travis took part in Project Green Challenge each year while at Rice University and was a finalist in PGC 2017. He now works on Cisco’s Social and Environmental Responsibility team to ensure that human rights and environmental protection are a priority in every element of their supply chain. Outside of work he also loves supporting Turning Green in empowering young people to make an impact as well as the Citizen’s Climate Lobby in their push for bipartisan policy solutions to fight climate change.


PGC 2014 Finalist, Construction Engineer

Emi works in the Bay Area at a construction company as an engineer and regional sustainability manager. She participated in PGC for two years in a row and was a finalist in 2014. What she learned inspired her to enact change from within the private sector and work to influence companies to switch from conventional to conscious. Her passion lies in greening the built environment, and believes that the key to saving our planet’s future is to cultivate a generation of future leaders and educate students on the importance of environmental activism.


PGC 2017 Finalist, Junior, Loyola University

Cami is a junior at Loyola University of Chicago studying Environmental Studies. She was a Project Green Challenge Finalist in 2017, and has since been an intern for Turning Green, and the Student Advisory Board’s Vice President of Logistics. Cami is also involved at her university as an intern for Loyola’s Campus Sustainability, and hopes to work for an environmental non-profit or university as a Sustainability Coordinator in the future. Cami is so grateful and excited to be apart of the Turning Green finals this year as an ambassador!


Turning Green Campus Rep, Doctorate Student, Kent State University

Jordyn is a Doctorate student at Kent State University where she studies aquatic ecology to help the world understand the consequences of anthropogenic eutrophication on water quality. She has an ecocentric perspective on the world and tries to promote sustainable living in every way that she can. Jordyn completed her undergrad in Biology and Environmental Science at Cleveland State University where she first helped host a Conscious College Road Tour stop with her student org, the Student Environmental Movement. She is inspired by the Turning Green’s mission to educate about ecoconsciousness and is dedicated to helping the organization acheive their goals. Jordyn is passionate about native plant landscaping, promoting open science, protecting water resources, and encouraging people to get out and appreciate the beauty of nature. She enjoys running with her husky, yoga, hiking, bouldering and reading in her free time.


PGC 2017 Champion,

Jinno Vicencio is a third-year college student pursuing a degree in Agriculture. He is passionate about food systems and how their impact on the environment. He has had a vested interest in the environment since high school through building an aquaponic garden, attending summits on plastic pollution and being the 2017 Project Green Challenge Champion. Jinno now plans to WWOOF in Oahu, Hawaii, convert his van to live in full-time and ride some major surf.


PGC 2016 Finalist, Chief of Staff, Turning Green

Hannah is a fourth-year student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. She was a Project Green Challenge 2016 Finalist and has continued to work with Turning Green since, now serving as Turning Green’s Chief of Staff. She credits her passion for the environment to Project Green Challenge, and loves working with Turning Green because she strongly believes in their mission to change the world through students.


PGC 2013 Champion , Illustrator & Motion Graphics Artist

Madeleine Welsch is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and motion graphics artist. Her rural upbringing in Massachusetts fostered an insatiable call to answer the question, “what impact do I have here?”, which she explores in both 2D drawings and animations. Madeleine has been an artist in residence at The Center at Eagle Hill in Hardwick, Massachusetts, The Sitka Fellows Program in Sitka, Alaska, and the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California. Finding herself at the intersection of audio storytelling and education, Madeleine has worked with clients like Panoply, Gimlet Media, AdHoc, and Resy. Currently, Madeleine can be found drawing full-time at Flocabulary in Brooklyn, NY, where she illustrates and animates educational hip hop videos aimed to engage and inspire K-12 students. 


PGC 2015 Finalist, Recent Graduate, Skidmore College

Tracey is a recent graduate of Skidmore College with a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Intergroup Relations. During college, Tracey developed a passion for sustainable agriculture and its potential to mitigate climate change after studying food systems in Cuba, Alaska, and New York. She believes strongly that everyone deserves access to healthy, sustainably grown food. Currently, Tracey is completing an AmeriCorps service term through Massachusetts TerraCorps program. She is serving with the nonprofit, Growing Places, that works in North Central Massachusetts to combat food insecurity through farmers markets, community gardens and youth education. This year, Tracey is working on a producer and distributor needs assessment to understand how Growing Places can better support a local, resilient food system.


PGC 2017 Runner Up, Senior, Dickinson College

Ilana is a senior Biology major and art minor at Dickinson College. Last year she was the second place winner for the Project Green Challenge. Her passion for sustainability and conservation is taking her to a future in ecology conservation research with specific interests in plants, fungi, and soils. She is an Eco-rep and a member of Tree club an environmental activism club at her school and is on the Turning Green Student Advisory Board.