Team Swag Only Certified Freak

Olympian High School
Chula Vista, CA


Quincie Bump, Samara Rodgers, Judith Martinez, Nathaniel Cabrera

SOCF are a group of four teens from California who are students at Olympian High School. The diverse team consists of bold, innovative changemakers who are passionate about helping others and making a difference. Samara is an amazing artist who flexed her creative muscle throughout the entire challenge by bringing emotions to life in powerful visuals. Judith is an inspiring and motivating teammate with an incredible work ethic that keeps all grounded. Nathaniel is a charismatic leader with a wonderful sense of humor and talent for visual aesthetics. Quincie is the face of the organization and team, as well as a great reflection of some of their best qualities. Together, they make up SOCF, youth activists, changemakers, founders of the Students 4 Sustainability Project, and most important of all, a loving group of friends. Their combination of conviction, curiosity, honesty, and a little Gen Z humor has allowed them to proudly spread a message of creating a sustainable world through climate justice to anyone and everyone.

Five words to describe PGC: inspirational, educational, insightful, powerful, empowering