Junior, Edina High School
Edina, MN


Sofia is a Junior who attends Edina High School in Minnesota. She joined Project Green Challenge along with her teammates Julia Domingo, Yeshe Jangchup, and Maria Goulakova, because she thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved in environmental activism. Before this challenge, she was not the most environmentally conscious person, but after learning all of these things throughout PGC, she has become aware of how much she was harming our planet before and strives to help heal our earth as much as possible!

“I now know the steps that can be taken to improve the state of our world and the main issues that are causing the harm. I felt like I couldn’t make a difference but now, instead of being scared of the world, the world feels like a work in progress. Now every news article I read, I can worry about the state of the world in a solution-based manner.”

Five words to describe the PGC experience:
Interesting, Informative, Eye-opening, Inspiring, Confidence-boosting