Team Four Leaf Clovers

Sophomores and Juniors
Jericho High School
Jericho, NY


Wenhao Ren, Hanson Xuan, Chloe Zhang, Ashwin Narayanan

Wenhao is a sophomore at Jericho High School. He is the representative of Team Four Leaf Clovers. Growing up, he always had a connection with nature. Ever since he could remember, his father has been taking him outside to explore the natural world. Whether hiking, fishing, or camping, almost every weekend was an adventure with his brother and father. As time passes and as he grows older, he still wants to continue the tradition of going outside and having fun with his family and hopefully, one day with his children. Therefore, he is extremely passionate about climate change. He, along with many others, wants to share the beauty of nature with other people. Project Green Challenge has helped him realize how much daily commodities and luxuries impact the environment and the climate. PGC has allowed him to understand what actions to take to become more environmentally friendly. As an advocate, his climate action project will help to educate others on the urgent importance of environmental action through a variety of approaches for maximum reach and influence.

Five words to describe PGC: change, enlightenment, enjoyable, effortful, rewarding