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Judi Shils

Judi Shils | Executive Director + Founder

Judi has spent the last three decades spearheading grassroots community projects. The dearth of answers around Marin County’s high cancer rates led Judi to found the nonprofit Search for the Cause, now Turning Green, a global student-led movement advocating for healthy food, safer products, and ethical businesses. She is also the force behind Conscious Kitchen, a paradigm shifting model for school food service, transitioning school meals from processed, heat-and-serve to chef-prepared, scratch cooked local, organic food, cooked in on-site zero waste kitchens. Believing that access to healthy food is a right, not a privilege, she began this work on a campus where 95% of children live below the poverty line. Moving to the Bay Area in 1989 and motherhood changed the course of Judi’s life. Previously, she was an Emmy Award-winning television producer for 25 years with ABC Sports, FOX Television and the Oxygen Network and founded The Diary Project, a forum for youth at the onset of the internet. Judi has been a consultant with the California Coastal Commission around public education for the past two decades.

Sue Waiss | Program Administrator

Sue has worked with Turning Green for the past decade helping to develop and execute the organization's key programs. Her passions are sustainability, education, and bringing TG's programs to students across the country and around the world. Previously, Sue worked as a Project Manager and Studio Manager in the graphic design industry and co-founded two video production companies.

Sue Waiss