William Layman

Senior, Alexandria City High School
Alexandria, VA


Will is a senior at Alexandria City High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He is passionate about protecting nature and saving the environment from negative human impacts. He’s particularly interested in the ocean and strives to find solutions to marine pollution and ocean acidification. Because of these interests, he wants to pursue either marine biology or oceanography in college so that he can study his passion, while also finding ways to save it. Will participated in Project Green Challenge because he believes that raising awareness and educating people is a great way to ensure sustainable solutions and concrete change.

“I was interested in sustainability, but I had no real ideas on concrete changes that I could make in my own life. PGC has emphasized that communication and outreach are two great ways to battle climate change. I will be a changemaker by continuing to educate myself about environmental issues and spreading that information.”

Five words to describe the PGC experience:
Fun, Educational, Interesting, Beneficial, Important