Team Viscous Flow (Julia Murphy | Jon Raybin)

Graduate School
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL


Jon and Julia are chemistry graduate students at the University of Chicago. Jon grew up in Kent, Ohio and loves running, pottery, reading, and Netflix almost as much as chemistry. Julia is from New Mexico and dances, runs, hikes, and dabbles in painting on occasion. We have a shared interest in environmentalism – Jon’s interest was instilled by his father and Julia’s by her mother. This interest is what motivated us to sign up for Project Green Challenge and the month of challenges inspired us to become Eco-Heroes and create a sustainable world for future generations.

What five words best describe your PGC experience?

eye-opening, fulfilling, empowering, creative, inspiring

What was most memorable from your PGC experience?

Meeting with the Associate Director of Campus Environment and the Associate Director of Campus Dining was the most memorable part of PGC. They are both very passionate about what they do and have worked to bring sustainability to UChicago’s practices. They were very excited that we were interested in their work and took a lot of time out of their day to meet with us and answer our questions.

What have you learned about yourself over the past 30 days?

I learned a lot about myself during PGC, but probably the most important thing is that I have the power to make a difference. The choices I make everyday can have a drastic impact on the planet, for better or for worse. What I purchase to eat, wear, or clean my home tells corporations what kind of world I want and where my values align. I can demand or even initiate change, on a small scale with friends and family or face my university. Each person who changes to a more sustainable lifestyle causes ripples that spread to others. There’s no need to feel helpless or sit around waiting for someone else to make the changes for us. We can take personal responsibility for our actions and change the world with whatever gifts and resources we have.