Team Nifty

Freshman, University of Delhi
Delhi, India


Shivangi is an incoming freshman at the University of Delhi, India. She plans to major in economics and minor in legal studies. Born and raised in New Delhi, a city of wealth and slums, she would often find herself in the neighborhoods of Sultanpur, a historically red-lined sector of South Delhi without access to clean water or air, and the place where she was first exposed to entrenched inequality in society. Shivangi has always been passionate about social justice and education. Alongside teammates Jia Kapoor and Ishita Garg, PGC was her first dive into conscious living; this 30-day rigorous and riveting program broadened her perspective of issues surrounding climate change, an impending crisis that she believes has been downplayed for far too long. She hopes to employ the skills she gained during PGC and previous work experience with NGOs and NPOs in advocating for climate justice in her community. Upon graduation, she aims to gain experience to help implement economically efficient policy interventions. Fun fact: when not preparing for mock trials and MUNs, she can be found watching reruns of Suits.

“Every aspect of nature holds significance.We are not responsible for managing the world; it knows how to go with the flow. Rather we should learn how to manage ourselves so that we don’t disturb nature’s flow. We need to change ourselves first, the rest will fall in line.”

Five words to describe the PGC experience:
Revolutionizing, Meaningful, Enriching, Exhilarating, Rigorous