Team LCDS Green Committee (Third Place)

Senior, Lancaster Country Day School
Lancaster, PA


George Warfel is a 17-year-old senior at Lancaster Country Day School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is very passionate about sustainability and climate change activism, stemming from his inherent love for nature, and more specifically, the ocean. George has been obsessed by the ocean from a young age, and wants to protect it at any cost. He hopes to volunteer for the Coral Restoration Foundation this summer to restore the vitality of endangered Caribbean coral species. George is the president of the LCDS Green Committee, his school’s sustainability club, and joins the PGC Finals to represent teammates Laurel Marx, Caterina Manfrin and Lewis Baxter. George is the president of the LCDS Green Committee, his school’s sustainability club, and currently working hard to complete projects, such as: school-wide composting, expansion of community gardens, and installation of solar panels on campus. George loves science, specifically biology and chemistry, and wants to major in chemical engineering and biochemistry in college and apply this knowledge to saving coral reefs. This year, he is performing a science fair project that will investigate thraustochytrids, an important coral symbiont, hoping to learn more about their structure and function. Project Green Challenge has been a thoroughly enjoyable educational and leadership experience. It really opened his eyes to issues, and he is excited to take action on them in his community.

“I want to take the issues of climate change and environmental injustice and make them more accessible to my community through education. By tackling smaller-scale problems first, our community will have built a strong foundation on which more impactful sustainable infrastructure can be built.”

Five words to describe the PGC experience:
Educational, Inspirational, Determination, Shocking, Enabling