Team Green Gang Colombia

Colegio Nueva Granada
Bogota, Colombia


Ivana Florez, Shambhavi Gupta, Mariana Hincapie

Green Gang is a group composed of Ivana Flores from Honduras, Shambhavi Gupta from India and Mariana Hincapie from Colombia, students from different parts of the world coming together to try to make a change in their communities through a school organization and Project Green Challenge. Dancing, playing tennis, reading, horseback riding, spending time with our families, and having contact with nature keep them going. Before PGC, they wanted to effect change, but did not know how to do it and felt like the “moment of changing the world” would never arrive — because they had to finish school, go to college, and, only with a degree, could then change the world. But they knew that would be too late, so decided to invest time now in advocacy. PGC not only transformed their lives, but has provided lifelong motivation to find solutions, teach others, create projects and fight for the world and collective future.

Five words to describe PGC: informing, exciting, thankful, ambitious, proud