Team Climate Crew 2020

Sophomores and Juniors
Jericho High School
Jericho, NY


Angela Zhu, Lily Li, Kevin Zhu, Naann Shao

Climate Crew 2020 is a team composed of four high school students in Long Island, New York. Angela, Lily, Kevin and Naann met through science research and have become much closer through Project Green Challenge. Angela is a junior who loves to travel to beautiful natural locations and explore various cultures and languages. Even during the pandemic, you can find Angela and her family on hikes, walking the beach, and taking late night strolls with their puppy. Lily, also a junior, is a Chinese-Canadian who moved to the United States from Ontario freshman year. She is passionate about social justice and using science, technology, and coding to create a positive impact on the world. In her free time, Lily loves to rock climb, read historical fiction, and attempt to care for her two struggling houseplants. Naann is a sophomore who loves to spend her time listening to music in the rain while pursuing one of her numerous hobbies, such as drawing, writing, reading, working for various nonprofit organizations or baking. She’s continuously inspired by the natural scenery around her, from the smallest mushroom to distant clouds. Kevin is a sophomore passionate about science research, music and writing. He often spends his time writing poetry, jamming on the piano, and working on various projects in hopes of creating something of meaning to the world. PGC has been a springboard for these young leaders to create substantial changes for a more sustainable society, pushing themselves to fight for climate action and making significant contributions to the environmental movement, unafraid to use their newfound knowledge and voice to advocate for nature, for delicate ecosystems, for vulnerable communities, for what is right.

Five words to describe PGC: eye-opening, invigorating, inspirational, educational, life-changing