Team Burrito

Ema Svobodová, University of Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark


Ema is a second-year bachelor’s degree student at the Aalborg Universitet, Denmark studying Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and member of Team Burrito. She was born on International Women’s Day in 2003 in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic and grew up in a heavy industry area of a post-communistic country. When she was twelve, she was admitted to an international project between the Czech Republic and Germany, allowing her to study in a foreign country for six years on a full scholarship. Her hometown inspired her to seek a better way to reimagine heavy industry with Green Chemistry, so she was naturally drawn to the subject of her studies. She is actively seeking sustainability in both her everyday life and future career path. Her hobbies include cooking sustainably, playing the guitar, singing, traveling and reading books. She loves her pet fish named Alpha. Project Green Challenge was an eye-opening journey for her and a great way of educating herself and those who surround her.

Five words that describe PGC: Captivating, Exciting, Sustainable, Just, Future.