Team Atmospheric Litter Stoppers

Junior, Jericho High School
Jericho, New York


Lucas is a Junior attending Jericho High School in Long Island, New York. He represents Team Atmospheric Litter Stoppers, including members Andrés deGrasse and Shiv Mohan, in PGC 2021. Lucas is a hardworking student who embraces his Brazilian heritage and loves to spend time with family and friends. Lucas enjoys participating in sports, as well as reading scientific literature in his free time. He always enjoys a challenge and pushes himself to reach great achievement. Lucas not only hopes to raise awareness about the environment, but also to help aid in solving environmental issues.

“We not only want to help the environment, but also future generations as well. The earth we live on is sacred and we need to protect it, as we take so much from it to aid us in our everyday lives. With the wisdom, knowledge, and problem solving skills we learned from PGC, we hope to inspire others to make change in their lives and work.”

Five words to the PGC experience:
Exciting, Insightful, Eye-Opening, Strenuous, Relationship-Building