Tahlia Martignago

University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia


Tahlia is a first-year Australian student studying Environmental Science at the University of Technology, Sydney. For Tahlia, the diverse impacts of climate change mean that there is no one solution and that activism, therefore, can take numerous forms. Her passion for scientific pursuit and communication is her chosen method of activism, where she has developed research on the medical impacts of increased carbon dioxide emissions that won a grand award at the International Science and Engineering Fair in 2022. She hopes to develop research on the intricacies of our ecosystems and help to create solutions that will enable a more holistic relationship and balance of power between humans and nature. Tahlia strongly believes that the most powerful tool in climate activism is effective communication, and would like to pursue her development of communication further in the future. Tahlia is an active individual, competing in gymnastics for many years where she is now heavily involved as a coach and judge. In her spare time, she enjoys seeing family and friends, reading and baking.

Five words that describe PGC: Powerful, Inspiring, Passion, Dedication, Reflective.