Stephen Kirk

Student and PGCourse Participant


Stephen Kirk is a second-year International Development and Environment student at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom and current Project Green Course participant. His passion for the environment began when he started pursuing photography as a way of capturing the world through his own lens, focusing on nature and its endless beauty. He continued this nature-focused work through hikes, mountain biking, and fundraising events for the non-profit sector. He is passionate about climate justice, responsibility, and advocating for organisations and governments to change for the better. After Stephen graduates, he hopes to work in the non-profit sector in making projects and organisations more environmentally friendly and efficient, policymaking for environmental protection, and meeting the 1.5º C Paris Agreement target. He spends his free time in nature, focusing on mental health, reading, and enjoying the beauty of our world. He believes, “The only way humans will survive in the future is if we work together, connected, with nature. It is paramount that environmental justice must be served for all of the damage that has been caused and is to be caused to our world.”