Shawn Stolting

Senior, Polytechnic College Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname

Shawn, an electrical engineering student, embraces all challenges as opportunities for personal growth and development. Apart from his academic pursuits at Polytechnic College Suriname, Shawn possesses a creative side as an artist employed at a prominent datacenter in Suriname where he serves as a web developer. Taking part in Project Green Challenge transformed and expanded Shawn’s awareness and passion for climate justice. He is now not only fully conscious of the critical issues surrounding climate justice but also committed to becoming a change-maker, advocating for his beloved country, Suriname.

What are five words that describe your PGC experience
Discipline, Consistency, Changemaker, Late-nights, and Knowledge. 

What kept you motivated to get to the final day of PGC?
The prizes were a great motivator, but what truly kept me going was a rule I set for myself two years ago. I made a decision to change my mindset. When I commit to something, I give it my all, and I never give up or back down. This approach has helped me build a lot of discipline, and it’s what kept me on this journey. In the 2 years, my life has changed a lot, but positively. That is why I’m ready to face any challenge and go out of my comfort zone.

Climate Action Project: Empowering Maroon Communities by Harnessing Whirlpool Turbines for Sustainable Electricity Access

Shawn’s Climate Action Project “Empowering Maroon Communities by Harnessing Whirlpool Turbines for Sustainable Electricity Access” aims to empower Maroon communities in his home country of Suriname by implementing Whirlpool Turbines. Shawn chose to focus on Maroon  communities because they face challenges such as restricted economic opportunities, educational barriers, healthcare gaps, diminished quality of life, environmental concerns, and inadequate electricity access. Shawn’s goals include providing the village of Gansee with 24/7 electricity through green energy and making the village CO2-free by eliminating the need for gasoline-powered generators. 

PGC Finals Part 1 CAP Video: here

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