Samantha Lee

Arroyo High School
San Lorenzo, CA


Samantha is a 16-year old Chinese-American born in San Francisco and raised in San Leandro. She is a junior at Arroyo High School, where she is vice president and co-founder of the environmental club. Outside of school, she has been playing piano for 9 years and interns at a Bay Area nonprofit to educate others about domestic violence and social justice issues, especially in the Asian Pacific Islander community. In her free time, she likes to play around in Photoshop, draw, read, explore the Bay with friends, and try new foods! Project Green Challenge strengthened Samantha’s understanding of climate issues, shifted her perspective of how intertwined the environment is with everything in life, connected her with global mission-aligned peers, and made her more confident in her ability to pass on knowledge to others as an aware, involved, vocal changemaker.

Five words to describe PGC: marathon, empowering, interconnected, energizing, illuminating