Robert is a student who is skeptical of the industry-sponsored pro-GMO claims espoused by his school, Cornell University in upstate Ithaca, NY. He decided to host his own course on GMO agriculture, in response to Cornell’s starkly pro-GMO version called “The GMO Debate”. The entirety of his course, plus much more, is available for free on his website,, which will be continually updated to reflect the latest findings and news on this incredibly complex, nuanced, and important topic.

Robert is interested in the non-corrupted future of science than our current GMO paradigm, particularly: human nutrition with respect to plant-based diets, ending the crisis of chronic human disease, actually ending world hunger with agroecology, authentically mitigating climate change, appropriate uses of technology (including some biotechnologies), and generally, a more nuanced, critical use of science as a tool to benefit humanity.

On a deeper level, he feels that his main mission in life goes beyond quibbling over the troubled state of science in today’s world. He is here to assist both in the ending the global abuse and exploitation of animals, and ending world hunger.