Rania Mansour

North High School, Torrance, California

Rania is currently a junior at North High School in Torrance, California. She is passionate about native plant species as well as preventing industrial pollution, and hopes to pursue horticulture and/or chemistry in college. At school, she is a leader in Ecology Club, Women’s Empowerment Club, and French Club. As co-activity director of Ecology Club, she is currently working with students on restoring a Torrance local’s lawn to emphasize water conservation. It has been an extensive process, but she is glad to see a number of students involved in something they otherwise wouldn’t have been. She enjoys watching movies, gardening, and language-learning – with a current emphasis on French and Turkish – in her free time.

Five words that describe PGC: Innovative, Unity, Enthralling, Realization, Effective.