Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Amy's Kitchen

Rachel is co-founder and co-CEO of Amy’s Kitchen, the international food brand she started with her husband, Andy Berliner, over 27 years ago. Rachel’s creative vision and drive to innovate have always guided the work at Amy’s and fueled the company’s consistent double-digit growth.

Her passion for organic and natural foods began at an early age. Rachel’s parents were early-adopters to the urban homestead and organic food movements and, as early as the 1950’s, they were tilling up their suburban yard to grow their own pesticide-free carrots and lettuces. Rachel inherited her parents’ passion for organic food.

Rachel and Andy travel internationally every year and have freiends all over the world. From the beginning, their global travels have imbued Amy’s Kitchen foods with international flavors. Wherever she goes, Rachel is inquisitively looking for the best food, whether it’s from top restaurant chefs or humble home chefs. She follows her taste buds into their kitchens, in search of delicious recipes.