Manfred Lim Headshot

Manfred Lim

Team Path to 2030,
Junior, Jericho High School, Jericho, New York, USA

Manfred is a member of Team Pathto2030. With a focused interest in sustainability and earth science, Manfred has taken steps to contribute to the field. Researching at Cornell University, he has utilized machine learning techniques to predict global soil respiration rates. Outside of his academic pursuits, Manfred is an avid gardener with over nine years of experience in his own backyard. He joined Project Green Challenge alongside teammates Samyra Mahiba, Kimberly Wang, and Katherine Lee, with the aim of increasing awareness on both the international and community level. Looking ahead, Manfred aspires to launch his own environmentally-friendly business, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable future in the business world.

What are five words that describe your PGC experience?
Enlightening, Inspiring, Memorable, Bonding, and Exciting.

What was the most memorable aspect of PGC 2023 for you?
The most memorable aspect of PGC 2023 for us was the new connections we’ve made. When our group members came together for projects such as cooking or hiking, we strengthened bonds and forged new ones during unique situations. One such example was the making of one of our submissions for the outdoors challenge. We spontaneously decided to go on a nature hike in a forest by the harbor, without any preparation whatsoever. It was some of our group members’ very first time on a hike, so the experience was especially memorable. In the end, PGC has turned out to be both an educational and bonding experience for our whole team.

Climate Action Project: Soul Seeds

Team Path to 2030’s Climate Action Project “Soul Seeds” is focused on the values of biodiversity, sustainability and the impact of changing mindsets through environmental research. By housing and fostering native plants in the school greenhouse, this initiative serves as a subject for experimentation and data analysis. The team cultivated native plants, monitored pH for soil health, and tested water uptake. Team Path to 2030 aims to create a feasible study and explore the potential for native plants to thrive in a school garden.

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