Navitas Organics

Meg Adelman, RN, BSN, MPH co-founded Navitas Organics with her husband Zach in 2003.  The company’s mission is to honor a healthy lifestyle through the innovation of nutrient dense superfoods and snacks.  Her long-time passion for preventative medicine led her to a career in Nursing in 2008 where she worked to empower patients to embrace self-care to overcome common health problems.  Although working in the surgical field for six years provided valuable training, it reaffirmed her commitment to prioritizing prevention strategies to mitigate the pitfalls of chronic disease.  In 2017, she completed her Master’s in Public Health at the University of San Francisco while taking the majority of her courses in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts.  That same year, she launched a consulting and advocacy company, RN Health Stylist that focuses on population health education, corporate wellness programs and supporting food system reform, which she believes is responsible for many of the diseases that are crippling our healthcare system today.