Shahed Anan Sajeeb

Junior, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shahed is a third-year student pursuing a B.S. honors degree in Environmental Sciences. Originally hailing from the Panchagarh district in the Rangpur division, Shahed’s academic journey is marked by a passion for environmental stewardship. Beyond academics, he is a multifaceted individual with a passion for music, dancing, and content creation on social media. His commitment to environmental causes is evident through his roles as an executive member of the Nature Conservation Initiative. This dynamic blend of academic focus, environmental advocacy, and creative pursuits defines Sajeeb’s journey as a conscientious student and an active participant in making positive contributions to his community and beyond.

What are five words that describe your PGC experience
Transformative, Inspirational, Educational, Empowering, and Sustainable. 

Has your perception of the world around you changed?
The challenge opened my eyes to the interconnectedness of all living things and the impact of our choices on the planet. I now see the environment as a dynamic system deeply affected by individual actions. Each sustainable decision, whether it’s choosing local produce or reducing single-use plastics, feels like a meaningful contribution to a larger, global movement.

Climate Action Project: Eco Farming and Food Safety

This project focuses on transforming conventional farming practices in my community towards sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Currently, farmers heavily rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, depleting soil health and harming water and the environment. Shahed’s goal is to introduce and promote eco-farming practices that are both cost-effective and environmentally conscious. The project involves conducting workshops and training sessions to educate local farmers and students about the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the benefits of organic farming. Through educational initiatives targeting both current farmers and future generations, the project envisions a community that values and practices eco-friendly farming for the well-being of the soil, the environment, and the overall health of the community.

CAP Presentation Video: here