Josie Sparks

Freshman, Indiana University, PGC 2019 Third Place Finalist and Turning Green Intern

Josie is a freshman at Indiana University majoring in Sustainability Studies. She grew up in southern Indiana going to sailing camp and Environmental Explorers camp which fostered her love for the environment. She became involved with Turning Green through Project Green Challenge in 2019, where she became a finalist and was awarded co-third place, and returned as a 2020 and now 2021 Ambassador and Turning Green Intern. As a result of Project Green Challenge as her Climate Action Project, Josie founded a nonprofit, Yellowwood Youth, which works to provide guidance, opportunities, and inspiration to youth in Indiana regarding their role in solving environmental issues and the climate crisis. She is involved with Students Advocating for a Greener Environment (SAGE) and part of the Youth Climate Accord in Indiana. She has played viola for 8 years, enjoys writing of all kinds, and enjoys teaching those younger than herself.