Isaac Aguilar

Escondido Adventist Academy, Escondido, CA


I am a senior at Escondido Adventist Academy, a religiously-affiliated private institution, located in Southern California. Both of my parents were born in Mexico and were first generation college students. At school, I work very hard in all my classes. Apart from academics, I enjoy participating in my school’s performing arts department, chorale, handbell choir, varsity soccer, and varsity volleyball. During my junior year, I took AP Environmental science where my love for sustainability first grew, it was there where we started a biodiversity project to list the different species around our campus. I first found out about Project Green Challenge while searching the internet for an internship where I could see what studying environmental science would be like in-person. I figured PGC would be an amazing way to work and learn about the different components of environmental science, so I decided to join! I wanted others to take part in the challenge so I promoted it through my school’s National Honor Society and got almost 50% of the student body to sign up! Throughout the challenge, I felt enlightened and aware of the events occurring in our world today. I was inspired by the individuals and companies behind the unique movements. And the way Project Green Challenge stimulated me, the information I learned didn’t make me feel sad and depressed, but rather catalyzed a need for action and involvement. Project Green Challenge has inspired me to study Environmental Sciences after high school because it provided me with a sense of purpose in life that I could not have found anywhere else.

What five words best describe your PGC experience?

Inspiring. Motivational. Enlightening. Enriching. Thrilling

What was most memorable from your PGC experience?

The most memorable thing about PGC for me was definitely the fashion challenge. Never before had my life changed so quickly. When I completed the green challenge, I was left dumbstruck. I could not believe that my favorite retailers and brands caused such pain and suffering. So, once the greener challenge asked me to wear my shirt inside out, I was skeptical for a quick second, but then in an instant, I decided that I would not let some embarrassment keep me from advocating ethical treatment of humans in other countries. The look of my friend’s faces after explaining my shirt and fast fashion to them that I will not forget. But it was the Greenest challenge, watching “The True Cost” documentary that changed my life in an instant. It was after watching that movie, that I refused to let my clothing be stained with the blood of innocent people.

What have you learned about yourself over the past 30 days?

Over the last 30 days, I have learned that the change I want to see in the world begins with me. Robert Swan put it this way “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Through PGC, I have learned that all power I have ever needed is already in my possession, all I need to do is be bold enough to use it. Whatever obstacle may arise, or whatever challenge I amy face, the power to overcome is natural to me. I have also learned how resilient I am against any forces. A sense of determination and willpower has been discovered thanks the the challenges presented by PGC. I now know that my dignity and virtue are able to withstand any opposing force. With dedication, time, and passion, the possibilities in my possession are infinite. If I truly believe that hemp is the future of society, or that labor laws must be passed in the U.S. to ensure that fashion companies are held responsible, then I must start the movement, because if I wait for someone else, nothing will ever be done. Through PGC, I have found self-worth and fulfillment in my life. My true passion is the earth and its inhabitants, I am committed to creating an environment of love and equality. I have discovered that my heart beats so that I can free the world of oppression and injustice. With the experience Project Green Challenge has given me, I learned that I have the power to change the world and that my true passion is environmental stewardship.