Harmonie Ramsden

Princeton High School
Princeton, NJ


Harmonie became involved in climate activism in sixth grade and has participated in many facets of ecological preservation ever since. She serves on the leadership boards of New Jersey Student Climate Advocates, New Jersey Youth for Climate Action, and Students for International Divestment. Harmonie is also the New Jersey and LGBTQ+ High Schoolers for Biden Co-Lead, as well as a leader in Princeton High School’s yearbook and Students Demand Action clubs. Someday, Harmonie hopes to double major in Journalism and International Affairs, studying in a big city somewhere around the world. PGC has motivated Harmonie to focus on the many intersectional aspects of climate change and integrate the issues meaningfully into daily thought processes, driving powerful change beyond the too common surface-level solutions that don’t mitigate the crisis or place focus where it is needed.

Five words to describe PGC: enlightenment, justice, collaboration, changemaker, sustainable