Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Digital Marketing Professional

Hansel Carter is a New York City born screenwriter, filmmaker, and digital marketing professional. Working in college departments of international education, residential life, student government, and sustainability over the four years of his education, Hansel sought out the most environmentally-friendly options when it came to project planning for campus-wide events. He became a PGC Finalist with Turning Green in 2018 and graduated with a degree in filmmaking from Champlain College in 2020. His passion for the environment began in his middle school years living in India, analyzing the effects of water pollution in the Yamuna River. PGC honed his focus on fast-fashion and wildlife preservation. He plans to incorporate themes of climate change and biodiversity in future screenplays. Hansel spends his time on film sets, exploring natural wonders, and planning the perfect audition tape for Survivor.