Gabrielle Fugate Headshot

Gabrielle Fugate

Senior, Louisville Eastern High School, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Gabrielle has spent the last 30 days completely immersing herself in the themes of climate change. She has delved into research on a variety of topics and come up with creative solutions, ideas, and works of art that support the movement to combat climate change. When not working on Project Green, she works at a Fair Trade, USDA Organic certified coffee shop She encourages employees and customers to recycle their cups, pointing out the symbol on the lids when asked if they really are recyclable! She loves to read and write, especially about stuff she has a passion for, which is why Project Green was the perfect challenge for her. With an acceptance into the University of Southern Mississippi to major in Marine Biology, she aims to use this career to not only learn about the amazing life of the ocean, but also what she can do to save and explore it!

What are five words that describe your PGC experience?
Immersive, Eye-opening, Beginning, Innovative, and Changing. 

After 30 days of bold and brilliant work and newly acquired wisdom, how will you best put it to use?
I will set an example for my friends, family, coworkers, and classmates. I will also continue to create ideas and encourage ideas to create a change in the various systems that continue in an unsustainable manner. I will speak up and use my voice to connect with people and present the facts and ideas. I will get involved with climate groups in my area to continue my knowledge and make connections to establish myself as an environmental advocate/worker. I will push for the ideas I believe in and how they will create a positive change.

Climate Action Project: Foodprint 

Gabrielle’s project, “Foodprint: Addressing Food Waste and Access”, aims to introduce a three bin waste system in the school cafeteria. This will include trash, compost, and recycling. Along with limiting food waste, the plan is to set up a school facilitated food bank, where clubs can get service hours by packaging lunch leftovers into a balanced meal for students to take home free of charge. The goal is to launch this project as a pilot program at her high school and eventually create a system for all of the schools in her district.

PGC Finals Part 1 CAP Video: here