Senior, Hasanuddin University, Luwu Timur, Indonesia

A First Generation College Student (FGCS) from a small village in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Samintang is a multifaceted individual; taking on roles as a leader, speaker, content creator, social entrepreneur, researcher, full-time worker, peer educator trainer, environmental advocate, accounting student, and coach for public storytelling. She is driven by a deep passion for advocating on behalf of vulnerable populations, particularly women, children, and the environment. Her aspirations include becoming a change agent, public sector leader, and CSR-Sustainability expert, aiming to disrupt inequitable systems and advocate for environmental justice.

What are five words that describe your PGC experience?

Transformative, Inspirational, Educational, Empowering, and Memorable. 

Has your perception of the world around you changed? If so, share how.

One of the most significant changes in my perception is related to the interconnectedness of global issues. PGC prompted me to explore topics like climate change, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, and sustainable agriculture. As I delved into these subjects, I began to see how they are not isolated problems but interconnected components of a broader ecological crisis. I now understand that addressing one issue requires considering its impact on others. This holistic view has made me more conscious of my daily choices and their ripple effects on the environment.

Climate Action Project: Climate Catalysts 

Samintang’s Climate Action Project “Climate Catalysts: Empowering Tomorrow’s Advocate” addresses the absence of Environmental Education and Action for Climate Empowerment for young people (ages 16 -25) in Eastern Indonesia. To tackle this challenge, she provided various activities such as climate curriculum, climate courses, case studies, discussions, campaigns, and climate action initiatives, offering insights and practical approaches to address climate issues at different levels, from grassroots to global paradigms. With three core pillars — Climate Learning, Climate Campaign, and Climate Action, Climate Catalysts is committed to safeguarding the Earth for a greener future.

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