Daniel Cirimwami

Graduate Student, ISDR, Bakavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Daniel is a member of the PGC Campus Representatives team and has worked with the Turning Green team on global outreach to engage students in Project Green Challenge 2023. He is from South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a graduate student in Commercial Sciences, studying at the Higher Institute of Rural Development in Regional Planning. Daniel is trained in environmental management and the promotion of biodiversity.  Since 2021, he has been president and community development coordinator of the XR-EXTECTION group, which is movement of young people committed to the protection of wetlands and the fight against deforestation. His passion is to work in green entrepreneurship and he is committed to promoting Project Green Challenge project in his country and the entire world. He currently volunteers with the ANU club of ISDR/BUKAVU, Association l’entrepreneuriat vert in his spare time, from where he is a supplier of reused plastic garbage cans and vegetables in the city of Bukavu.

What are five words that describe your PGC experience?
I, Am, Now, A, Leader. 

After 30 days of bold and brilliant work and newly acquired wisdom, how will you best put it to use?
The project has enabled me to better understand my place and my work as a young person in environmental management, I have to share my knowledge with other young people who already contact me for submitting articles that can help the community, I already work with young students in the management of plates and we plan to do more.

Climate Action Project: Trash to Pavers

Daniel’s Climate Action Project, “Trash to Pavers”, protects aquatic species in Lake Kivu by collecting plastic waste along the shoreline of this critically important resource in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Initially, the plastic bottles Daniel’s team gathered were repurposed into garbage cans. His team has since expanded significantly, growing from 15 to 62 members who have organized conferences and awareness campaigns. This has resulted in a substantial increase in weekly collection, which now ranges from 45 to 70 bags each containing 60 kg of plastic waste. Daniel’s team is transforming collected plastic waste into eco-friendly paving stones.

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