Conrado Manuel Guzman Flores

Team Los Aprendices,
Graduate Student, Arizona State University, Mexico City, Mexico

While living and working in Mexico City, Conrado is pursuing his online Master’s degree focused on Sustainability Leadership at Arizona State University. An avid hiker and outdoor explorer, he, and his team Los Aprendices, are teaching others about the health benefits of hiking and the need to protect these landscapes. Conrado is most passionate about the conservation of surrounding forests and mountains to improve Mexico City’s welfare, and currently works in the sustainability, safety, health, and environment department of his company where he offers training to the agriculture division sales force, documents environmental legal permits on waste management and water, and participates in agriculture projects like a joint initiative to promote mixed crop systems for coffee growers in Mexico.

What are five words that describe your PGC experience?
Transformational, Self Discovery, Purpose, Eyeopening, and Hopeful. 

Think about your pre-PGC self, just 30 days ago, and then think about you, today. Have you changed?
Sometimes fear keeps us from challenging ourselves and be courageous. I didn’t have an IG account because I was afraid and was hiding that feeling with what I saw as reasonable arguments, but when on the second day I was asked to address politicians in Mexico, I had to overcome that fear. I’m less afraid now to challenge myself and rise my voice to tell others about my passion and why they should be passionate too. 

Climate Action Project: Communications Awareness Campaign for the Legal Protection of Bosque de Agua in Mexico City. 

Team Los Aprendices’ Climate Action Project “Communication Awareness Campaign for the Legal Protection of Bosque de Agua in Mexico City” educates visitors about forest conservation. Bosque de Agua is a temperate subtropical forest that covers 580k acres south and west of Mexico City, the source of 70% of the water consumed by the city’s 22 million inhabitants, and home to endemic wildlife and local indigenous communities. The forest is constantly threatened by urban sprawl, deforestation, wildfires, and pollution. The team’s focus is to use visual materials and training to educate visitors about Bosque de Agua’s importance and conservation. Additionally, Conrado and his team have started a hiking tour company, Péeksaba, to guide tourists while teaching the importance of Leave No Trace principles.

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