Ayanna Snowden

Junior, Bergen County Technical High School
Teterboro, NJ


Ayanna is from Fort Lee, New Jersey, and is a junior at Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, New Jersey. She has always had a strong love and appreciation for nature, stopping to look at each flower as a child while on walks, much to her parent’s detriment. Nonetheless, she has channeled this love for nature into her advocacy and began exploring the intersections that the climate crisis has with preexisting social justice issues. She is now very passionate about environmental justice and works on local initiatives towards this cause. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, crochet, and read.

“After 30 days of powerful work, I will continue to amplify my voice, educate my community, and demand change. Going forward, I do not plan to stop sparking discussions about climate and will continue to speak on the environmental issues I am most passionate about.”

Five words to describe the PGC experience:
Inspirational, Motivational, Growth, Community-building, Empowering