Anni Zhao

Team Sustainabuddies,
Junior, San Marino High School, San Marino, California, USA

Anni is a high school student with a strong passion for environmental science, chemistry, and STEM in general. She has gained environmental science knowledge from PGC 2023, and is looking forward to using the skills she improved on throughout the 30-day journey, such as campaigning, advocating, and planning, to implement changes for a greener, more sustainable future in her local San Marino community.

What are five words that describe your PGC experience?
Reflective, Meaningful, Contented, Refreshing, and Holistic. 

Has your participation in PGC impacted those around you in a positive way?
One of the many examples would be the day I ate an entire day of plant-based meals with my family as our meals are cooked together. At first they were skeptical if plants could satiate our appetite and provide enough nutrients, but after the day had ended they were just as pleasantly surprised as I was: The plant-based dishes were delicious, and tofu as an entree is just as filling and as a nutritious protein. We also saw a boost in our mental well-being that day, so they agreed to also partake in the one meatless day per week habit that I wanted to start building.

Climate Action Project: Waste Wise

Team Sustainabuddies’ Climate Action Project “Waste Wise” strives to mitigate methane emissions by diverting compostable waste from landfills. To achieve this, they have installed two composting bins in the high school cafeteria, complemented by informative posters and clear labels detailing what can be composted. Students engaged in the project encourage peers to dispose of food waste in these bins. The project aims to spread environmental awareness and inspire participation across the community.

PGC Finals Part 1 CAP Video: here

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