Amy Choi

Junior, The Meadows School
Las Vegas, NV


A junior attending the Meadows School, Amy hopes to bring climate reform to Las Vegas, Nevada. She enjoys hiking with her friends and family, singing music and playing instruments, such as the guitar, ukulele and piano. Additionally, she enjoys writing short stories, articles, and to a lesser extent, poetry. Amy strongly believes in finding intersections between climate change and different aspects of people’s lives, and using their talents to further the climate campaign. For her, this means maintaining a balance between pursuing climate advocacy through politics and researching climate solutions through STEM. She hopes to accomplish this through the FXB climate advocacy program, her local Citizen’s Climate Lobby chapter, and engaging in research at her local college regarding the effectiveness of different bioremediation techniques. Lastly, as the president of her school’s Green Club, Amy wishes to bring about educational reform to incorporate climate education, initiate a composting system, reform the current recycling program, and involve her school more in local political action.

“I’ve learned to use my voice. I’ve learned how to be more outspoken for an issue that has been silenced for too long. While I was aware of the different ways in which climate injustice affects different sectors of one’s life, my mindset, rather than the world around me, was really the thing that changed.”

Five words to describe the PGC experience:
Thought-provoking, Innovative, Engaging, Comprehensive, Collaborative