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Who can participate in Project Green Challenge?

Our target demographic is high school, college, and graduate school students worldwide. While only enrolled or home schooled students over the age of 16 are eligible for daily prizes and the PGC Finals, PGC is open to everyone for participation. The more people who join our movement, the more change will happen to support a thriving planet. SIGN UP TODAY!

What is an example of a daily challenge?

Each challenge is built around a unique environmental theme, which are not released until 6am PT each day of October — and continue for every one of the 30 days of PGC. Themes range from food to water, zero waste to footprint, and much more. You can see more on the Challenge grid page.

Where did the idea for PGC come from?

The mother-daughter duo behind the non-profit Turning Green is also behind this initiative. Judi Shils and Erin Schrode developed the idea in 2011 alongside a brilliant team of students and partners.

What does Project Green Challenge aim to accomplish?

PGC aims to inform, inspire and mobilize students around climate action, public health, social justice and advocacy — empowering and equipping young leaders to lead change in across daily life, campuses and communities!

Do I have to be an expert on environmental issues to sign up and participate?

Nope! PGC aims to inspire a transition from conventional to conscious thinking. Regardless of your current knowledge and lifestyle practices, if you are open to change, ready to learn, and want to make a difference, you are the perfect candidate for PGC!

How do I become a PGC Finalist?

After the 30 days of October, participants can apply for the PGC Finals with a short application and video. A panel of judges will review each application and choose up to 14 students to be flown to San Francisco, California for the PGC Finals in November.

What happens after the 30 days?

PGC demonstrate how individual and collective action can have a tangible, meaningful impact on public and environmental health. If one month can inspire conscious thinking and responsible action, imagine the impact of hundreds of thousands of people living that way for a lifetime!

How do I share my progress and hear about the experiences of others?

Participants upload and share multimedia content on the PGC website, through Challenge deliverables, and across social media platforms daily. Check the @TurningGreenOrg Instagram throughout October to see real time updates. 

How can my school be involved?

Bring PGC to your high school, college, or student organization by signing up! Outreach includes environmental departments, student government, eco clubs, sustainability leaders, Greek systems, campus newspapers and local media outlets, community service organizations, national PTAs, and other youth-centered forums. Sign up and spread PGC far and wide!

Has Project Green Challenge ever happened before?

PGC launched in 2011. We hope that this will be the biggest, most impactful year to date — and that Challengers will have an extraordinary impact for years to come.

What happens at the PGC Finals?

At the end of the 30 days, up to 14 PGC Finalists are selected to attend the PGC Finals — outstanding young leaders from around the world chosen from the global pool of PGC participants based on points, depth and breadth of engagement, number of challenge wins, quality of work, a final exam, and video recap of their 30-day journey. Read about exemplary next generation changemakers, dive into Climate Action Projects (CAPs) and watch video presentations from past years of PGC!

The PGC Finals take place in San Francisco, California every November — a transformational, all-expenses-paid eco summit that brings together like-minded peers with an esteemed group of eco leaders, speakers, mentors, ambassadors and partners to support, equip and propel Finalists with the tools, resources and know-how to rise as leaders. Content covers a multitude of topics to deepen changemaking capacity on campuses and across communities, providing an opportunity for students to share experiences, learnings, best practices and ideas and gain insight, perspective and skills to further their activism.

Each Finalist presents about their PGC experience and CAP to an audience, including a panel of judges. CAP seed funding is given in tiered awards. Finalists then continue to develop, build, refine and implement CAPs in partnership with a team of mentors from December through April of the following year, which they present virtually upon completion at the PGC Finals — Part 2 in late April. On that day, judges name the PGC Champion and present the $5,000 Green Award and grand prize package.


Does it cost anything to participate?

Absolutely not! Participating in Project Green Challenge is completely free and open to anyone.

Why should I get involved?

There are many reasons to get involved! In just one month, you will:

  • Stand up proactively for climate and social justice! Make a difference every day of October — and beyond.
  • Learn the benefits of eco living through full immersion. You’ll come out with a new, more conscious lens through which to live your life.
  • Become a leader in your school or community. PGC offers tips and resources to guide you.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Making a positive difference for the planet begins with individual actions.
  • Discover which focal areas speak to you, so that you can continue creating change long after PGC comes to an end.
What companies and organizations are involved?

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of a strong consortium of leading companies, non-profits and organizations. Browse the Partners tab to learn more.

Are there prizes for every challenge?

Each day, participants who complete the Greener and Greenest challenges are eligible to win one of up to 20 eco prize packages. The deeper you delve into each day’s challenge, the better your chances are of winning! And don’t forget about the fantastic PGC Finalist and Grand Prize packages!

Does Project Green Challenge have a social media presence?

Yes, and we want to hear from you! Follow @TurningGreenOrg on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more — plus across the hashtag #PGC2024. We post content regularly.