Dr. Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada

Professor of Economics


Dr. JP is an award-winning business economist specialising in interdisciplinary entrepreneurship and strategy research. He is currently working as an Associate Professor at the Southampton Business School where he also serves as the Deputy Director for Impact and Collaboration at the ESRC South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership. He is a co-founder of iPowerz, the global digital ecosystem for fast-tracking microentrepreneurship and small businesses growth, and a steward at the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. He has a PhD from the University of Goettingen and the Max Planck Institute for Economics. Dr. JP is an alumnus of two revered Indian institutions founded on the ancient Advaita philosophy. He is a Universalist committed to advancing the cause of societal wellbeing through his endeavours, married with three children, and a founding trustee of three registered charities in the UK. As he says, “humanity is waiting for paradigm shifting innovations that advance universal education, empowerment and environmental resilience.”