Day 23




Dear PGC 2020 Participants,

Congrats on making it to Day 23! It’s hard to believe that PGC2020 is almost over. As we are closing in on the last days of PGC, here are a few reminders:
– School Greenest is due 10/26
– Fair Trade Greenest is due 10/27
– Soil Extra Credit is due 10/29

Please join the PGC 2020 Facebook Group. You’ll need to use it as part of the day 25 challenge. 

Interested in applying to PGC Finals? The application process will begin on Day 26, so be sure to log in and read the Day 26 challenge!

Enjoy your day off and good luck on your last week of PGC. This experience for us has been truly extraordinary. You are amazing young leaders that seem poised and ready to take your place as advocates and changemakers to ensure a healthy planet for all. Here’s to each of you!

With gratitude,
The Turning Green Team